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Do ask if you are unsure about what you are buying!


Please note that any scans on the page are not the actual copy you are buying.

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I recommend Paypal as a quick and easy system, allowing easier and quicker despatch of your order.


I do not pass on my sellers fees to you - no hidden charges here!


United Kingdom

Payment acceptable by Paypal, Cash (GBP ££), UK cheque, bank payment; Send your order by email (details below), you will normally get an acknowledgement and further advice within 24 hours.



Preferably Paypal - but I can accept cash payments in Euros.
If you wish to purchase this way, please write for a quotation.


Rest Of World

Preferably Paypal.

I cannot accept money orders, which carry ludicrous bank charges. If in doubt, please write.


Please Note

Magazines are priced excluding postage and packing.



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